Sbanesihle Training and Skills Development


520 Main Reef Road, Huddy Industrial Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sbanesihle Training and Skills Development is a registered training provider in terms of Close Corporation Act with the registration number of 2009/175171/23. Sbanesihle Training is also registered and accredited by MERSETA with an accreditation number of 17-QA/ACC/0589/11 The training centre is specialising with mechanical engineering trainings specially on machining of components using the CNC machines. The establishment of the Sbanesihle Training and Skills Development has been premised on contributing in a tangible way of filling the unemployment gap and shortage of qualified and skilled CNC people. Sbanesihle is the training centre with high growth, high performance market leaders on CNC that is committed to the professional development and recognition of student. At Sbani we endorse and passionately subscribes to South Africa’s framework for educational training provisioning.