About Business Pages

"Finding everything is just a few clicks away"

Business Pages is the most preferred telephone search engine in Africa. All day, every day; consumers are searching to find companies at Business Pages

And because we are a technology driven company, we have decided to add some new features at Business Pages to enhance your web browsing experience. Now you can find all kinds of companies using keywords, search terms, and key industry phrases and the results will pop-up according to name, area or business category. All featured listings include detailed contact information and a map with directions, while others showcase their latest full page advertisements and video commercials to help customers connect better with them…

Why advertise on

  • It has the largest database in Africa with over 1,000,000 business listings
  • It provides up-to-date telephone and mobile numbers for immediate response
  • 7 million visitors monthly
  • 50 million searches performed every month
  • It responds to the global trend for advertising on the internet
  • It allows you to do business around the clock without worrying about business hours and staff
  • You can overcome barriers of distance and sell goods in any part of the country and abroad
  • It is an important platform for building relationships with customers and increase customer retention levels
  • It is an online extension of your company on the World Wide Web

Did you know?

  • 95% of users on the Internet search for products or services like the ones you offer
  • Business Pages is one of the top destinations of the World Wide Web
  • Most users of Business Pages have already decided to buy a product or service and are looking for suppliers to fulfill their needs
  • Due to the exclusive professional content of Business Pages your advertisement is 100% targeted by all consumers

People who see your ad are almost entirely... READY TO BUY!

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