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Ethelton Tradings Cc T/A Durban Plumbers

Ethelton Tradings Cc T/A Durban Plumbers has been serving customers mainly in Durban but also all areas around durban for a very long time. We provide 24/7 plumbing repair services to minimize interruptions to your life and business. We install new systems for homeowners and businesses – everything from geysers, to tanks & pumps and toilets to complete systems. We maintain existing systems to help prevent emergencies and extend the life of your equipment. All of our plumbing techies are experienced at their craft, so you can rely on them to get the job done right the first time. They’re also all Ethelton Tradings Cc T/A Durban Plumbers employess, and thus are not contracted crews. We take full responsibility for our work, so if there’s ever a problem, we will make it right. Explore our full range of commercial plumbing solutions designed to keep your business flowing smoothly.

contact details

  •   Address: 57 Oflaherty Road, Palmiet, Durban, South Africa
  •   Telephone: +27312691621  
  •   Fax: +27312691625  
  •  Email: dbnplumber@gmail.com  


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