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NBC Lesotho Insurance Company Limited

NBC’s relationship with the Lesotho Government goes back to 2002 where, at the World Bank Summit, our late founder Maxwell Maisela delivered a paper on the state of Social Security in Sub-Saharan Africa. One of the issues discussed in this paper was the appropriateness of Social Security funding methodologies employed by some Sub-Saharan countries, in relation to their social, economic and fiscal circumstances.

contact details

  •   Address: No. 4 Bowker Road, Ground Floor, Pension Fund House, Maseru, 100, Lesotho
  •   Telephone: +26622320633   0102060053  
  •   Fax: +26622320634  
  •  Email: ThomasS@nbc.co.za  
  •   Web: www.nbc.co.za  


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